TBU # 033 Every Biomimetic Dentist Needs an Enemy (or Two)

Jan 07, 2023

 New Issue of The Biomimetic Uprising

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Every biomimetic dentist needs an enemy. 

With enemy, I'm meaning, not an actual person, but a set of ideals, concepts, a narrative, etc.

This enemy helps us to a have a set definitive set of concepts that we are for.  This enemy helps draw the line in the sand so we  now exactly what side we are on.  

You should find your own set of concepts that are relevant to you and your practice.  Taking this stance will help you know where to focus your energy, time and resources.  Maybe its a form of marketing, style of dentistry, types of products, etc.

With defining the things you are for or against, your patients can understand if you are the right dentist for them.  They will be able to relate with you and your set of values. It groups your audience into two distinct camps:

1. I vehemently agree with this person and want to continue my care with them.

2. I vehemently disagree with this person and do not want to continue my care with them.

I have used this in my own practice and how I talk to my patients.  When discussing treatments, I always give them their options.  Doesn't matter if its traditional dentist or not. If its considered aggressive or not, it doesn't matter, I'll present the options to them.  I want them to understand as much as they can.  After I present the ideas, if it applies, I'll tell them the ones I will or will not do.  For example, crowns, bridges, etc. The only time I am doing those is when I am replacing existing ones.  They understand my reasonings and agree with me.

Here is a sample process of some of my ideals that I express to them.

Start with Subtopics  

My practice is limited to biomimetics and some Invisalign.  That means the majority of my diagnosed codes are onlays, direct composites, veneers, and Invisalign. And probably in that order. So these are my topics that I    present to them. As mentioned before, if we are replacing crowns, sure those come up to. 

So with biomimetics, the topics I am discussing and in favor of are:

  • Onlays
  • Direct composites 
  • Saving Teeth
  • Reducing occlusal and polymerization stresses
  • Occlusion
  • Products and Materials
  • Preventing Dentistry

Things I tell them that I'm anti:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Root Canals
  • Amalgams
  • Certain Techniques and Materials 
  • Aggressive Approaches

***And of course, these are all taken in context.  There are certain times for these but they are limited and not my first choice.***

Lets break that down a bit more to give the perspective. Here is a sample dialogue of what could be said.

Crowns: "They can be too aggressive and remove too much important and vital tooth structure areas that are needed for the tooth to act like a tooth.  These are the areas that I will be preserving with an onlay."

Bridges: "We are compromising two teeth to save one.  Often times, this can present bigger complications down the road."

Root Canals: "While this tooth may still need a root canal in the future, we have a very high success rate of preventing root canals. With early intervention, its possible this tooth will be completely fine after this work.

Amalgams: "While they have lasted for a long time, when they fail, they can fail big and remove a cusps or fracture the tooth in unfavorable and unrestorable orientations. We will be removing these potential defects and place a more compatible and tooth respecting restoration."


Find the treatments you like and dont like.  Consider making a list and finding the points for the reason why you are for or against something.  Especially while you are planning out this new year.  Don't be afraid to express these to your patients.  You will naturally find people that will be attracted to your viewpoints and come to stay in your practice.


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