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Our systems is designed to be super easy and convenient.  The group is a network to share ideas and learn together.  Sign up today and start learning for only $1 a month trial.

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The main place for our learning is in our Facebook and WhatsApp Groups. Inside the groups, you'll see organized study topics, correlating research articles, shared cases, etc.


Being associated with a large group gives you power to have success.  There are plenty of people that have gone before you, that have experienced the same issues as you.  We have you covered from everything from how to implement Biomimetic Dentistry to trusted product reviews.  We have the tools to help you succeed at the highest level.  


We want to keep this membership simple yet powerful.  We are constantly looking for additional ways to provide value.  We don't have contracts or binding agreements.  Once you join the group, you will receive an email with your personalized codes and link to our WhatsApp and Facebook Groups.  Inside the group, you'll see study topics, research articles, and posts from some of the leading biomimetic dentists in the world. 


For about a dollar a day, our low fees allow you to focus on increasing your profits, learning valuable education, and providing the best care possible without having to worry.  The flexible options allow you to find the fit that is right for you. If you find that this is not for you, you are free to cancel anytime. 

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Flexible Plans. No contracts. All plans come with the same benefits.
WhatsApp and Facebook Group Access. Group and personalized mentoring. Monthly Topics. Biomimetic Mastery.




Facebook and WhatsApp Group Access

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Improve your biomimetic technique and application.

This is one on one.  This is next level.  This is when you want to elevate your understanding and take the next steps in implementing biomimetics in your office.  We keep it simple and personalized.  We start with an interview to see where you’re at, what you like and are comfortable with, your practice style, and then see what you want to improve, understand more, etc. Once we have the basis, all of the info is then geared towards what you need. It covers everything, but its at your pace.  Application is the goal here. And then we’d keep going till you’re 100% comfortable with it all.  Nothing short of that.  I want you to get it and be successful.  Inquire for more details!

Personalized Biomimetic Coaching

Spaces are limited to keep it unique and individualized.


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