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The Biomimetic Study Club

by Dr. Jeff Davies

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What we do...

The BIOMIMETIC STUDY CLUB delivers you the most comprehensive system for networking, business advantages, as well as the science behind how biomimetic dentistry has been so successful. 


You're not alone.  We have trained hundreds in biomimetic dentistry. Not sure where to start? Go with our Peer Networking and learn from others that have done it before.  If you're feeling confident and want to go to the next level, sign up for our One-on-One Coaching.



The Biomimetic Way :  Hear from all the prominent people in the industry and how they got started with Biomimetic Dentistry.  Get access to the stories from those that are entrenched into biomimetic dentistry and how the .  Discussing how to practice biomiy became successful.  We'll cover tips and tricks all the while to staying true to the biomimetic concepts.  


Influencer Marketing 

Biomimetic Dentistry is about quality. We use quality materials to deliver quality results.  We work with companies that have common goals.  Apply below to see if you would be a good fit for one of our campaigns. 



Dr Jeff Davies has studied the concepts of biomimetic dentistry extensively, starting in 2012 when he studied under "the Father of Biomimetic Dentistry", Pascal Magneat USC.  He was part of Pascal's first inaugural Dental Morphology, Function, and Esthetics (DMFE) course that blended dental arts and scientific literature. While in dental school, he started up the Biomimetic Study Club as a way to promote these concepts.  He then did a two year apprenticeship with David Alleman in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He maintains a private practice limited to Biomimetic and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas Texas.


"Jeff, it was great having those sessions with you. You sounded very knowledgeable and also experienced. I enjoyed our discussions and it helped clear some of my doubts. Thank you for your time! "

Chitvan Gupta
Dentist, New York

"It was great learning Biomimetic Dentistry from Jeff. I now have a better understanding about Biomimetic protocols. I look forward to learn more in becoming a master like him doing Biomimetic Dentistry. After getting this training, I have worked on a few cases and so far my patients are very happy with the result of my restorations by doing Biomimetic Dentistry way."

Lillian Lasaten-Ebuen
Dentist, Philippines

"I have been in practice for 33years. This year has already been the best of my career, because of my connection with the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. When I went for my training I was introduced to Dr Jeff Davies, who facilitated these training sessions. I found him to be very knowledgeable with the subject and techniques. It was also impressive to me that he took the initiative to form a biomimetic study club while in dental school. Jeff's continued involvement with learning and sharing his knowledge gives an endorsement beyond what can be stated. Its an honor to be associated with colleagues like this. "

Mark McCall
Dentist, Texas

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BIOMIMETIC DENTISTRY means life like dentistry or to "mimic nature". When properly applied, this means no leaky fillings, no failed restorations, and almost no need for root canal treatment. Along with the belief that everything is possible - we also believe that everyone matters. Ultimately, we do this for our patients because we believe its the best thing to do. We offer everything you need to elevate the way you practice. Here, we tell you how its possible.


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