I’m Jeff, a biomimetic dentist and a practice owner.  I’m here to help you build a successful biomimetic dental practice.

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I’m Jeff, a dentist and a practice owner.  I’m here to help you build a successful biomimetic dental practice.

Gain the clarity, confidence, and courage in practicing dentistry as you've always wanted. 

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Self-paced courses that teach you biomimetic dentistry on your own time.  No matter your current understanding, these will deepen your knowledge and application of the concepts.  We've put together everything you'd need to be a successful biomimetic dentist. 


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I’ve been into biomimetic dentistry since 2012.  Its been a lot of studying and trying things, but it wasn’t until running my own biomimetic practice that I felt successful in my business. Now I’m empowering others through online coaching to do the same.



THREE things you will gain from membership...
...no matter your level of biomimetic training  


Understanding of the Science  



Every month we cover a new and different topic.  We've included 100s of supporting scientific articles, monthly webinars, and science based podcasts. 


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All the members love to support one another.  When it comes to questions, tips, product recommendations, etc we are all here to help you with best practices.  We want you to succeed and love sharing in each others victories. 


Better Clinical Application



If you're getting stuck on a certain situation or step, bring your question and case to our monthly coaching call.  This is where we get deeper on the application and understanding.  We've been in your situation before and share with you how we have overcome these challenges. 



"It was great learning Biomimetic Dentistry from Jeff. I now have a better understanding about Biomimetic protocols. I look forward to learn more in becoming a master like him doing Biomimetic Dentistry.
After getting this training, I have worked on a few cases and so far my patients are very happy with the result of my restorations by doing Biomimetic Dentistry way."





Our FOUNDATIONS OF BIOMIMETIC DENTISTRY Course is super popular and have changed the way dentists practice.  Our biomietic posterior restorations gives you the clinical 'how to' and teaches everything you need to know to started doing biomimetic dentistry in your office.  

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