The Biomimetic Study Club Sponsorship Opportunities 

We have the largest network of biomimetic dentists. Get their attention with our sponsorship opportunities.

What's Included In BSC Sponsorship and Partnership...

 The Biomimetic Uprising

  •  When you purchase a TBU sponsorship, you get one advertisement in our Saturday newsletter
  • Your ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads in that issue
  • Published every Saturday at 10 am CST
  • Your ad will also live forever on the blog version and published to the website.
  • 1 Stories post on IG + link
  • Your company will be listed as a BSC Sponsor on Website, Instagram Stories, and Highlights
  • Cost $500


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 BSC Partnership 

  • When you purchase a BSC partnership, you get one graphic advertisement on The Biomimetic Uprising Blog home page
  • Your graphic ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads that will last for a month 
  • 1 Stories post on IG + link
  • Your company will be listed as a BSC Partner on website, Instagram Stories, and Highlights
  • Cost $500
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Instagram (monthly avg)

  • 377,000+ Accounts Reached
  • 10,000+ Accounts Engaged
  • 700+ Website Clicks 
  • 84k+ Followers (11/7)
  • 8.4% Growth Rate

Top Locations (Countries)

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Iran
  • Indonesia


The Biomimetic Uprising Newsletter/Blog (monthly avg)

  • 17,000+ Website Views
  • 5,600+ Views 
  • 39% Open Rate 
  • 450+ Link Clicks 

Ad Creative Requirements 

  •  Ads for The Biomimetic Uprising Newsletter are text only, 1 sentence long, and can include one link.

    Example: "Today's issue is brought to you by the leader in biomimetic conferences and seminars, happening this fall!" or  "Todays issue is brought to you by the best dental supplier for biomimetic dentistry."

  • Ads for BSC IG are submitted in stories format.  1 picture, 1 sentence, and 1 link.
  • You will supply the copy and I will edit it to fit my voice.

  • Ad copy is due 72 hours prior to the newsletter date.

  • All ads are subject to editorial approval. 

"I love hearing what Jeff has to say about biomimetic dentistry.  Even as an endodontist, the content applies to what I'm doing daily in my office!"
- C. O.
"Jeff has so much knowledge about biomimetics.  And his clinical application is top notch.  His perspective makes it so easy to learn."
- K.H.
"I have been loving this newsletter he has been recently doing.  I look forward to getting these every week.  They are short and to the point and easy to implement on Monday."
- A.D

Biomimetic Study Club 

The Biomimetic Uprising Sponsorship


1 sentence Written Ad + Link in Newsletter

1 Stories post + link

Ad lives forever in blog post

Listed as a BSC Sponsor


BSC Partnership


1 Graphic Ad + Link on Blog (month long)

1 Stories share + link 

Listed as a BSC partner


Once purchase is completed, I will be in contact to coordinate the campaign.