TBU # 016: 100 Challenge: Biomimetic Accreditation

#bsc100 biomimetic accreditation Apr 11, 2022

I have been studying, processing, and doing biomimetic dentistry since I was first introduced to it from Pascal Magne in 2012.  It answered all of my questions about bigger and larger treatments, post operative sensitivity, being responsible and minimal, etc.  (There is a huge list on why I feel that biomimetic dentistry is important).  

A few years into my quest to know more, I noticed that there wasn't a clear organization that was promoting and teaching biomimetic dentistry.  It wasn't until later on that I decided that I wanted to pursue this and create a from of organize dentistry. I'm typically not into that sort of thing.  My goal was always to be the best for my patients and to raise the standard of care as much as I could, however I could.  

Needless to say, the Biomimetic Study Club has grown over the years.  I take great pride and joy seeing the transformations, adaptations and overall just my fellow clinicians putting in some great work and loving what they do.  

Biomimetic dentistry has been exploding on Instagram and other social media channels.  I've gotten asked so many times if there was a certification or accreditation process.  I've always been reluctant to do it as I felt that I wasn't the best person for the job.  That being said, I can see the need.  Biomimetic Dentistry is so special to so many people in the world.  

I'm hoping that this process will continue to raise the standard of care but more so will help other dentists find a deeper passion and determination.  This is meant to be a process that is challenging but also rewarding.  I have no doubt that by completing the 100 challenge: Biomimetic Accreditation that any clinician will grow deeply in their abilities and understanding of what it means to be biomimetic dentist, no matter what their previous training is.

I can't wait to see the growth and development of more talented clinicians!

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