TBU # 001: Kuraray Panavia Veneer LC

adhesive resin cement kuraray onlays panavia product unveiling veneers Jan 24, 2022

I just received a brand new Introductory Kit of Panavia Veneer LC package from Kuraray.  I'm super excited about trying out!  I did a little product unveiling video that shows the contents in the kit.  Kuraray is making a push to make their systems easier to use while holding onto their longtime reputation of making lasting high quality products.  

That being said, this system looks incredible with great potential!  I'm a huge fan of their Panavia V5 system. While The Panavia Veneer LC seems to hold true to the Panavia values, it should be easier to work with in terms of cleanup and handling.  

The Panavia Veneer LC is a light cure adhesive resin cement.  This is beneficial because it will provide color stability and has good radiopacity, so you can see it on your clinical radiographs. 

Indications for the Veneer LC are ceramic and composite inlays, onlays, and laminate veneers with less than 2mm thickness.  Perfect for a biomimetic dentist looking for a quick and easy cement.  Excess cement can be easily removed after a tack curing for 1 second. 

The Panavia V5 system is a dual cure that has its benefits whenever a chemical cure is needed.  Panavia V5 has lots of applications a uses.  While I might prefer Panavia V5 for bridges and zirconia crowns, the Veneer LC might be taking its place for when I need a quick light cure cement!



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