TBU #024: How To Get Your Patients To Trust You - Using Biomimetics

business of biomimetics jeff davies Oct 22, 2022
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Dentistry is an interesting place.  There are so many opinions and options for people that are seeking care.  How are they supposed to know what to do?  They don't have the education and dental background that we do.  Its our job to educate and show them what options they have.  That being said, sometimes that 'education' can lead to further confusion and maybe even distrust among dentists and patients.  If they have heard they need 'such and such' treatment from someone they have trusted in the past and now we tell them something different, they can often be left with further questions about which way to go or which treatment option is best for them. 

I always encourage my patients to get second or third opinions.  I encourage them to get much education or understanding on the situation as much as possible or as much has they need to feel comfortable with their upcoming treatment.  My ultimate goal for my patients is for them to be happy, have good care, and out of pain.  Cliche? Maybe. But isn't that what we all want for them?

Ok. So what about the trust?

In my exams, I spend a lot of time with them answering their questions and LISTENING.  Most of what I do is just listen.  People have stories.  They want to be heard.  I'm listening to them explain how they want to save their teeth, avoid bigger costlier procedures, stop having worry about a certain tooth, stop having to work on the SAME tooth so many times, etc.  The list goes on.  People just want quality care.  

So here is where Biomimetics comes in.  IT ANSWERS ALL OF THEIR QUESTIONS.  Thats not an exaggerations. Ok maybe it is a little.  It'll answer 98% of their questions tho.  It answers why things fail and how to avoid bigger treatments, it answers how we can save teeth at such a high rate, it answers why we don't see recurrent problems happening, etc.

Let me give you an example from a friend of the BSC.  This is from a post he made on his account.  



"DME getting tested here. super anxious patient makes me anxious too but i just do my best to focus on the task at hand and block everything else out. case had to be done standing because patient swore she couldn’t breathe with the Isovac in (common response from patients). Regular MOD toffelmeyer with distal aspect cut. Blue garrison 3D wedge + jammed two pieces of teflon as apical as possible. Could’ve really used a laser but still don’t have one so i had to get creative to ensure seal. MTA cap to promote positive pulpal response. Pt was super thankful. “I had 10 people praying for you to save my tooth this morning.” Now we’ll wait a couple weeks to see if tooth becomes symptomatic before proceeding with indirect resto. The more I learn about DME /biomimetics, the less opportunities I have to do the kind of dentistry i love (surgery)...since i know what’s possible, can’t ethically pull the plug before every attempt has been made. an interesting dilemma."

This was a huge benefit and service to the patient, no matter what the outcome of the tooth is.  The patient sees the care and the extra effort it takes to do quality.  

DME is a tricky procedure to do.  He mentions in the original post that he had to do this standing???  What a great practice builder here.  Regardless of the outcome they are happy that you are there to help them even if it means doing the work in an uncomfortable position.  Biomimetics is about how we do the work, yes, but really its more than that.  Its a bridge for us to connect with our patients on a personal human level.  Its these human interactions that help us grow our practice. 

So the actionable tip?

ll give you 2.  

LISTEN.  Go slower in your exams, hear what they have to say, then deliver.  This should be easy to do.  Maybe its not.  If its not, try it.  They'll love you for it.

The second, TRY.  Don't be afraid to fail.  It happens.  Thats fine.  They care about your effort, not how much you know or what you can do.  The more you TRY, the better you will become.  


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