TBU # 015: How to Clean Excess Composite When Cementing an Onlay

cleaning excess cement jeff davies onlays tips and tricks Apr 08, 2022

When it comes to cleaning excess cement when putting on an onlay, I will typically use an explorer and micro brush when it comes to the margins.  However, inter proximal excess presents a different situation and challenge.  I will still try to the micro bush and explorer and reach inbwtween when I can, however, that might not always get it.  I'll often switch to floss that has a knot tied in it to help grab whatever is missing.  If I feel like all the excess is out, I'll start to light cure the restoration.  Once the composite it set, a 12 surgical bead works great to smooth out any rough areas, on the tooth, or the margin.  

I'd love to hear other tricks you are doing to help clean the excess away! 

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