TBU # 005: February Webinars, Courses, and Coaching Calls

Feb 01, 2022

Its a new month! There are a handful of worthwhile online events that are coming up.  

As always with the first Friday of every month, we are hosting our monthly focused webinar.  This month we are talking about the importance of the peripheral seal zone.  Our Instagram posts will also reflect this topic and how our dentistry can benefit from the technique.

February 4th 11:00 AM CST

To watch it live, you can use this link

The upcoming Fridays will also have a coaching calls that I will be hosting.  More to come on that shortly. 



Garrison Dental just released their February webinar  schedule.  


February 8th: Quick Start Guide for Class II Sectional Matrix Systems

February 17th: The Modern Approach to Successful Anterior Composite Restorations (CE available) 

February 22nd: Advanced Aligner Tips, Tricks and Pearls


Keep on learning!




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