TBU # 006: Biomimetic Dentistry Monthly Focus

biomimetic dentistry montly focus Feb 05, 2022
Biomimetic Dentistry Monthly Focus

I have been studying biomimetic dentistry independently since 2012.  I was first introduced to it in dental school at USC by Pascal Magne.  He taught us dental morphology, function and esthetics.  This course was revolutionary as it was the first time biomimetics was taught to all the students comprehensively.  

Prior to dental school, I was a dental assistant for almost 3 years.  While assisting, I noticed lots of things that I could understand the reasoning behind.  Whats causing post operative sensitivity? Why do treatments need larger treatments so soon after being done? Why are fillings falling out? Why do crowns need to be recemented so often? Etc. 

Sitting in Dr Magne’s class was like music to my ears.  He was literally answering all of my questions that I had.  And then backing it up with numerous pages of scientific articles.  It was pure gold!

This put me on a quest to understand biomimetics as completely as I could.  I was constantly studying tooth anatomy, bonding protocols, materials, etc.  I couldn’t get enough.  

That being said, I was also fairly frustrated that there wasn’t a clear place to go to understand these things, to really help me get into the meat of what biomimetics was trying to accomplish. 

In 2015, in effort to change this, I started the Biomimetic Study Club and started publishing what I was learning on a super simple website and Instagram.  

Instagram has been a good platform for making others aware of whats possible and to honor those researchers that have done so much for the profession, but its not as comprehensive as what it needs to be.  

So here we are…  

I’ve spent some time organizing our membership to be a place for learning.  Its meant to be a resource and aid to help you in your personal studies.  I’m constantly uploading content, videos, articles, courses, etc to help you have a smoother learning transition than I did.  

I’ve split the core biomimetic topics into 12 main topics to coincide with a yearly study program.  Each month will have its own theme or focus and each month will grow in complexity from the previous one.  I’m focusing all the content that I make to match these topics.  I start the month out with a webinar intruding the theme and then our Instagram posts, coaching calls, will reflect that topic.  Many of you have already downloaded the monthly study guide that I make as well.  Typically with these, they will include a few downloadable pages and a few supporting articles.  

Last month was Biomimetic Dentistry Paradigms, Benefits and Tooth Anatomy.  

This month is on the importance of the Peripheral Seal Zone.  

Next month is Bonding Systems, Composites, IDS

I encourage you all to follow along, download the content, and if you want more, join our membership where there is way more content and you can rewatch everything.

Back in 2015 when I made the BSC official, I never would have dreamt things would have gone the way they have.  I’m constantly impressed by how we are raising the standard of care for our patients!


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