TBU # 021: Why you should be using Garrison Fit Strips

fit strips garrison dental May 27, 2022

One of the products I have been incorporating more into my office is the Garrison Fit Strip. Its a nice tool to use when needing to make a smoother contact, clean excess cement and also for IPR with my Invisalign cases.  

The reason I like this finishing strip more than some others is the ability it has to twist the colored reel in the center to adapt to the tooth surface that you need.  Most strips are firm and locked into place and makes it impossible to clean the cervical area of the tooth.  Its either those or the long strips that you have to manually use to polish.  The long strips can be good, but I find that lots of times it irritates the patient gums and can cut them and make them bleed.  The Garrison fit strip is just easier to use.  Its the predictability of having a smooth cervical margin that makes it stand out. 

The twistable reel also makes it so you can tighten it for the IPR cases.  So essentially it has two different functions in one.  Making it more adaptable to the case that you have at hand.  

In the video, I'm actually trying to slightly open the contact from an inlay that was cemented in a demo.  I    actually have it on the tightened mode, which is also the IPR setting.  The tightened mode makes it easier to adjust the contact  The yellow is the smallest, so I'm not trying to open up much, just making it easier to floss.

There's a lot of ways these Fit Strips can be incorporated into your daily workflow to elevate our treatments.  These great, but often unrecognized benefits, are what sets us apart from those around us.  It's the delivering of constant outstanding results that makes biomimetic dentistry so unique and special.  It's our detailed minded approach that helps us achieve excellence.  Give these a try if you haven't already!

Full disclaimer. This is with a partnership with Garrison.  I've negotiated with them to help make purchasing more accessible and easier.  For those in the US, there is a discount associated with the links.  Club members are able to receive 10% discount when purchasing.  Us the code FITSTRIP10 to receive the discount at check out.  

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