TBU: #044 The World Baseball Classic and the Value of Biomimetic Dentistry

Apr 01, 2023

 New Issue of The Biomimetic Uprising

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 Its baseball season right now and I can't be happier about it.  Its been one of the things that has helped get me thru being sick all this past week.  The World Baseball Classic recently came to close.  If anyone watched it, they will know it was a huge hit worldwide.  Similar to the olympics, this is a tournament where all the best players come together to represent their country.  Its a gathering of mega super stars, up and coming players, as well as no names players that are working normal 9-5 day jobs.  This year's tournament displayed some great stories and was fascinating to see countries you wouldn't expect do so well on the main stage. 

The tournament was well received wall over the globe.  There was record attendance, viewership and sales.   Its was the highest attended at 1,306,414 which is a 20% increase over the previous tournament.  They also had the most viewed games.  Nearly 43% of Japanese households watched the championship game.  Three of the four most watched games in history happened this year. It was also reported that 5.2 million Americans watched the championship game.  The same type numbers can be said in Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and Puerto Rico.  

Of course revenue is also important.  Merchandise sales isn't as clear due to how numbers are reported by Major League Baseball, but two different online shops showed a 150% increase. 

Its assumed this tournament did so well because of the quality of the games played, the underdog stories and Great Britain's first ever win, as well as some high profile key matchups of stars in important games.

If you have been following baseball, this was considered a huge success for the sport.  MLB has been making changes and trying to find ways to increase viewership, gain interest among younger generations, and continue to refine and perfect the game to a more enjoyable experience. 

In some ways, MLB got lucky and hit homerun 🤣 with how the world baseball classic went.  The game events happened to lineup well and the right players were there at the right times.  However, they aren't done trying to promote and advertise.  As with us, we should always be refining our marketing approach as well as the user experience.  

If you think about it, our dental practices aren't much different.  We are also trying to find ways to 'increase viewership' (by keeping our schedules full), gain interest among younger generations (by bringing in families), and also perfecting the user experience (by delivering a product that last and is comfortable for them to get done in the first place).

So whats our method of presenting the value of our work, of biomimetics, to our patient base as well as encouraging potential new customers?

Do we promise results? Do offer a guarantee? Do we educate? Do persuade them to get things done?

Or are we changing the rules of how dentistry has been done?

People like different if it is a better product.  They like when the user experience is more streamlined and direct.  They like feeling trusted and heard. 

Biomimetics is very different from traditional dentistry.  Most likely it will be different for 99% of our new patients that come in.  But guess what? They are coming in to see us and the 'new' things we are doing. 

I'm a very laid back person when it comes to treatment planning.  I rely on patient education.  I try to be as transparent as possible.  For example, I'll use the iTero scanner to help present their case and show their overall oral health.  People resonate with seeing their mouth on this big screen right in front of them, either for the good or the bad.  This really has been an amazing tool to help show people so they can understand why they need to do something versus waiting.  

When I present treatment, I always show them their options, traditional dentistry as well as with biomimetic dentistry.  I tell them the pros and cons, from my opinion, and try to help them make an educated decision.  I'll go into as much details as they want and can understand.  And give them as much time as possible to understand it.  After this exam, consult, or presentation, its up to them to decide what they want to do.  I use this time to present my value, my treatment value and how we can help them.  I always talk about the minimally invasive steps, how much tooth we are conserving as well how we are saving their teeth from more complicated issues.  After all, these patient have sought me out, they are pre-sold, I just need to convey confidence and gain their trust.  I'll often hear that my office is more relaxing and comfortable office they have been in. 

Just on Thursday, I had a new patient come in that is in mid treatment for a root canal therapy. She came in wanting a second opinion for the crown she was told she needed after the Endo.  As many of you know, I  have never done a crown on a tooth that didn't already have one.  I'm not starting now.  Even with an Endo tooth.  With her, she wanted to save tooth structure and not get a crown.  My office's reputation is one of being conservative, not over treating, and doing good quality work that last.  My reviews state that.  So the value that I'm perceiving is way before she has stepped foot into my office.  Our online presence is important.  Her wants aligned perfectly with what I offer.  People are willing to search out these treatments.  More than what we think really.  

Hardly ever, meaning like not even once a month, am I talking about money.  My fees are higher.  But I'm never trying to justify why I have them set high. What I do, is educate and explain how I can get them to where they want to be.  Sometimes, this can be an emotional approach but its never really meant to be.

My office style is simple.  I diagnose, explain, then offer the treatment.  Its what works for me.  I'm not making promises.  I don't offer guarantees.  I'm not offering discounts.  It's not that I'm heatless or whatever, it just dont need to.  Biomimetic dentistry works.  

I rely on the experience they had, the customer care and the education they received to want to continue their care with me.  Its ultimately their decision and want them to feel as empowered as possible when it comes to their decision making.  They'll choose to get treatment or they won't.  If they don't get it now, they will in the future.  If they leave to go to another office, most likely they will come back.  Thats because our office is different. 

Look at changing up some of the 'traditional' rules and how things have been done.  Look at new ways to bring in people.  I think you'd be excited about what will happen.


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