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We are starting a revolution! There is so much scientific research showing us that traditional dentistry has become dated.  Its time for a change.  The Biomimetic Study Club is leading the way.  We are making it happen.  We are disrupting what you thought you knew.  We are changing everything. 





Dr Jeff Davies has studied the concepts of biomimetic dentistry extensively, starting in 2012 when he studied under "the Father of Biomimetic Dentistry", Pascal Magne, at USC.  He was part of Pascal's first inaugural Dental Morphology, Function, and Esthetics (DMFE) course that blended dental arts and scientific literature. While in dental school, he started up the Biomimetic Study Club as a way to promote these concepts.  The Biomimetic Study Club brings these concepts closer to you than ever before.

Since then, he has studied the with the leaders in biomimetic continuing education, including a two year long mentorship with Dr Dave Alleman, one of the founding fathers of biomimetic dentistry.  Some of the educators he has studied with include, Drs. Dave AllemanMatt NejadSimone Deliperi, and Tim Rainey.   He has been practicing biomimetic dentistry exclusively in his dental career.    

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